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Mindful Brain Games produces fun ways to learn about the anatomy and function of the brain, and teaches children (and adults) how to hone levels of focus.

Sonya El Debssi is a longtime mindfulness educator who’s techniques and talents were inspired by many years of successfully teaching mindfulness and neuroscience in the PreK – 8th grade classrooms.

Bio: Sonya is originally from Germany. She spent the last 13 years as a Mindfulness Facilitator and Program Director for a small private school for ages 3-14. She has worked as Education Director and Interim Head of School as well as Marketing Director/Multimedia specialist. Sonya is inventor of The Focus Game@, a board game which teaches children and adults about the brain and how to hone their focus. Sonya’s passion is finding innovative ways to help people develop Mindfulness. Sonya with her kids

“Attention is under attack nowadays. Children (and adults) are bombarded by technology, media, and an ever-moving world that seems to never sit still. The Focus Game® is a mindful brain game designed to tackle this issue and help children be in charge of their mindsets. Teach your children to be mindful, to Pause, Focus, Reflect, and Create in a playful manner.”

Sonya El Debssi (Creator of The Focus Game®)


“I am so excited about Sony El Debssi’s new Focus Game! It is the result of her years of dedicated research on the brain and mindfulness, and of developing and implementing programs to teach children and adults about focus and the power of the brain. Finally, her experience and genius is now available to a wider audience through her game!

I have worked with Sonya for the past six years at a school dedicated to teaching children the power of their thoughts. She has taught all ages from PreSchoolers to Sixth grade, inspired them, and given them many opportunities to experience real results to everyone’s delight and amazement. Any class with Sonya is filled with excited, joyful children as her enthusiasm and excitement for knowing and learning inspired them.  

Sonya’s own journey is the best testimonial to the power of focus. Her focus and the desire and passion to teach about everyone’s innate abilities truly brought this game into being. I know that all of the details in the creation of this game were not always easy for Sonya, but she never gave up. Thank you, Sonya, for your dedication and this amazing game!” ~ Jan Ferrari

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