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Mindful Brain Games produces fun ways to learn about the anatomy and function of the brain, and teaches children how to hone levels of focus.

Sonya El Debssi is a longtime mindfulness educator whose techniques and talents were inspired by many years of successfully teaching mindfulness and neuroscience in the PreK – 6th grade classrooms.

Bio: Sonya is originally from Germany. She spent the last 14+ years as a Mindfulness Facilitator and Program Director for a small private school for ages 3-14. She has worked as Education Director and Interim Head of School as well as Marketing Director/Multimedia Specialist. Sonya is inventor of The Focus Game@, a board game which teaches children and adults about the brain, remote viewing, and how to hone their focus. Sonya’s passion is finding innovative ways to help children develop their mental power and think for themselves. Sonya with her kids

“Attention is under attack nowadays. Children (and adults) are bombarded by technology, media, and an ever-moving world that seems to never sit still. The Focus Game® is a mindful brain game designed to tackle this issue and help children be in charge of their mindsets. Teach your children to be mindful, to Pause, Focus, Reflect, and Create in a playful manner.”

Sonya El Debssi (Creator of The Focus Game®)

From a Parent:

“Hello Everyone,
Just want to let everyone know how unique & amazing Sonya’s Mindful Focus Classes are. I take all my 3 children & I stay with my 4 yr old in his class. I am an RSE student & I know about the teachings and how the brain works from school. Being present in the focus class, now I understand why Ramtha says that we must be like children to enter the kingdom of heaven. Seeing how Sonya teaches little people is a unique experience. She make it fun and at the same time the kids absorb the information fast. She explains the brain and neuroscience in such simple terms that even I am like, “wow, I wish I had learned like this when I was little”. My kids love their focus class and I am happy to see their development in mindfulness/focus. We love and appreciate you Sonya. Keep up the awesome learning!
Eva Gomez💕


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